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Monitor Your Assets without maintenance for years

With General Track NaBi, you can transform your logistics into a controlled, highly efficient operation. You can receive real-time information on your objects location, temperature and motion, thus implementing fully automated logistics, security, temperature monitoring and more.

Why choose General Track NaBi? - 5G Digital Innovation

Companies are wasting hours on poorly optimized logistics workflows that cost both money and man hours. A maintenance-free location tracker with integrated motion and temperature sensors can turn their processes into a high-performing and profitable system.

Our technology provides up-to-date data for your decisions in order to achieve transparent and profitable workflows.

NaBi sensors enable different applications:

  • Geolocation: automated real-time inventory and security
  • Temperature Sensor: cold chain transportation monitoring
  • Motion Sensor: motion and vibration detection, hour meter, maintenance prediction

Check out How the system works

In order to monitor your assets, NaBi uses mobile cellular information and GPS signals, to track temperature and motion sensor data, then transmits them to the General Track server. Different applications can be built up with the NaBi device and no other external component is needed.

NaBi uses a technology based on 5G Narrow Band IoT and the built in SIM card is prepaid for 10 years of operation.

Its lithium battery lasts for up to 5 years in most applications. These characteristics enable the inexpensive and maintenance-free operation of your automated inventory and logistics.

How General Track NaBi is to enhance productivity and reduce costs

You can configure General Track NaBi to meet requirements of different applications in different fields.
Learn more about NaBi configuration Learn more about mounting solutions

NaBi Logistics
GPS Tracking for Logistics and Equipment Security
Locate your assets in real-time while they are being transported and be aware of their status.
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NaBi Cold Chain
Cold Chain
Detect and solve possible incidents in the cold chain. Track the product's temperature in real time during transport and guarantee quality control and regulatory compliance.
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NaBi Hour Meter
Hour Meter
Have your valuable equipment and material supplies always controlled. Monitor operating hours and geolocation to plan maintenance and ensure their good condition.
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Contact us & describe your case

Do not hesitate to contact us now. Our experts will get in touch with you, normally within one business day. We can show you how to integrate NaBi into your automated workflow. We will provide you with a sample NaBi device and an API interface, so that you can demonstrate your application rapidly.

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