Learn more about The configuration

NaBi is an extremely flexible platform. The configuration set of NaBi is called energy schema. Its rich configuration options make it the right solution to the automation of many different workflows.


An energy schema defines sensory data induced events, event driven further measurements, notifications and regular measurements, which are communicated in scheduled time intervals. These options define the harmonic operation of position, temperature and motion sensors, while keeping power consumption at the lowest compromised level.

For example, you can define motion driven position measurements, communicated once a day or communicated instantly in case of motion.

Once an energy schema has been set, it can be assigned to NaBi trackers remotely, thus changing their fundamental operation according to your needs.

Energy schemas display the estimated battery life based on your configuration. You can name your schema and add a description. You can make different energy schemas, and assign them to different groups of NaBi devices.

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